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The chemical structure of Porphyrine contains four pyrrole rings that are made of pentagon looking appearance. These pyrrole rings comprise of atoms of nitrogen and carbon. The offered organic compound is capable of binding metals like nickel, copper, iron and zinc. The name and characteristics of this organic compound varies as per its metal ion holding capacity. The presence of this compound can be noticed in blood cell where it acts as a good oxygen carrier. It can also be formulated artificially. Its color alters based on the exact number of pyroll rings of this compound. Located in Mumbai, we are counted as a prestigious manufacturer and exporter of standard grade Porphyrine.

Features of Porphyrine:

  •     The offered organic compound contains four pyroll rings.
  •     Porphyrine is capable of holding metal ions.
  •     Exceptional metal binding properties.
  •     Capable of carrying oxygen into blood cell.